Anga Fundarge
Anga Fundarge
Species Photon Beast
Weakness Light attribute PSO2 icon
Attack Attributes S-ATK iconR-ATK iconT-ATK iconDark attribute PSO2 icon
31 Corrupt Forest32 Corrupt Underworks
Anga Fundarge (アンガ・ファンダージ) is a special boss in Phantasy Star Online 2, exclusively found in Ultimate Quests. While classified as a Photon Beast, it is a Darker (or more directly, a DA Aberration), as it is a creation of the Profound Darkness. It only appears during Emergency Code: Corruption, which is somewhat uncommon, or at the end of Mission 5 in MISSION: Decision. It causes the entire area in which it spawns to receive a faint purple overlay, and has a unique battle theme attributed to itself. It is a component part of Viel Hunar.



Anga Fundarge takes 110% damage from Striking attacks, but only 85% damage from Ranged and Technique attacks. It is capable of generating resistances for itself at a time, using a combination of three attributes and/or weapons which have been causing the most damage to it; it will take only 10% of the incoming damage from anything it is currently resisting.



Episode 3Edit

When the player confronts down Matoi during Is This Reason, after having cleared the associated Matterboard, the latter summons Anga Fundarge and fuses with it in order to become Viel Hunar. Once defeated, the two split apart, at which point Matoi regains control of herself and attempts to kill herself using an energy blast generated by Anga Fundarge. The player then blocks this attempt, at which point [Persona] comes in and uses the Clarissa to pull all of the negative photons out of both Matoi and the player. [Persona] transforms into another version of Viel Hunar, and teleports away.


Level Drops
01+  Ability icon Anga Soul
71+  Sword PSO2 icon Ares Sword

 Partisan PSO2 icon Ares Partizan
 Wired lances PSO2 icon Ares Lance
 Twin daggers PSO2 icon Ares Kaiser
 Double saber PSO2 icon Ares Edge
 Knuckles PSO2 icon Ares Nest
 Katana PSO2 icon Ares Ryuuga
 Dual Blade PSO2 icon Ares Blade
 Gunslash PSO2 icon Ares Buster
 Assault rifle PSO2 icon Ares Rifle
 Launcher PSO2 icon Ares Launcher
 Twin machine guns PSO2 icon Ares Machinegun
 Bullet bow PSO2 icon Ares Bow
 Rod PSO2 icon Ares Rod
 Talis PSO2 icon Ares Talis
 Wand PSO2 icon Ares Wand
 Jet Boots PSO2 icon Ares Boots


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