An Arks ship アークスシップ represents a shard or server in Phantasy Star Online 2.


Characters on an Arks ship can only play and interact with characters on the same Arks ship. The available Arks ships are:

  • Ship01: Feoh フェオ
  • Ship02: Ur ウル
  • Ship03: Thorn ソーン
  • Ship04: Ansur アンスール
  • Ship05: Laguz ラグズ
  • Ship06: Ken ケン
  • Ship07: Geofu ギョーフ
  • Ship08: Wynn ウィン
  • Ship09: Hagall ハガル
  • Ship10: Nauthiz ナウシズ

A character may be transferred from one Arks ship to another for 350 AC.


In the game's story, each Arks ship is a colony ship 70 kilometers in length.

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