Class in the Phantasy Star Online series determines a player character's abilities and team role.

Phantasy Star OnlineEdit

Main article: Class (Phantasy Star Online)

Classes in Phantasy Star Online combine a character's race, gender, and one of three focuses: melee weapons (hunter), ranged weapons (ranger), or elemental and support techniques (force).

Your character's class cannot be changed in Phantasy Star Online except by recreating the character.

Phantasy Star Online 2Edit

Main article: Class (Phantasy Star Online 2)

Classes in Phantasy Star Online 2 are independent of race and gender, so any combination of race and gender can be any class. The four starting classes reflect a focus on melee weapons (hunter), ranged weapons (ranger), fire/ice/lightning techniques (force), or melee and ranged weapon hybrid (braver).

A character's class can be changed in Phantasy Star Online 2 through the independent progression of your character in each available class. Both subclasses and new classes (fighter, gunner, techer) can be unlocked as a character progresses.

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