File:Dagan Extermination.png
Prerequisite Subdue Fangulf
01 Forest
Enemy Level(s)
Normal 5
Hard 23
Very Hard 42
Super Hard 62

Subdue Fangulf (ダガン殲滅任務:森林) is a multiparty ARKS quest in the Forest area of Naberius.


There are two areas of the field which ARKS can explore, although the first has a limited number of enemies due to it being single-party. Upon entry into the second, multiparty area, however, enemies will spawn indefinitely, allowing anyone to find enough Darkers to collect the necessary 250 quest points. At the end of the river, it is possible to trigger Emergency Code: Attack against a couple Breeahda in order to gain a large number of points all at once.

Enemies presentEdit




Related Client Order(s)Edit

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