Falz Hunar
Species Dark Falz
Weakness Light attribute PSO2 iconLightning attribute PSO2 icon
Primary Field
Forest Field
Falz Hunar (ファルス・ヒューナル) is the powered-up form of [Elder], which he uses to fight the player during two paths of Beginning of the End, one explored during Episode 1 and the other during Episode 2. He is one of the possible bosses of Advanced Training: Ruins, and is also capable of spawning in any field during Emergency Codes.


Even in this rather basic form, Dark Falz Elder still sports a menacing design. He has a primarily humanoid structure, only much taller than any normal man. He has armor-like plating covering his entire body, usually in a design featuring multiple layers. His chest has a red core, which serves as a weak point, though it is quite hard to reach. His arms and large and bulky, likely due to the fact that Gettemhart used Knuckles PSO2 icon Knuckles in battle. He has four red eyes, and numerous spines and spikes protruding from his body. A large, singular spine travels the length of his entire back, which later turns out to be a Sword PSO2 icon sword he can draw in battle; it uses a purple design akin to Dark Falz Elder's wings.


He appears out of a red vortex of swirling energy, laughing as he crashes to the ground. Sporting quick movements, Falz Hunar is capable of hopping around and using powerful attacks in quick succession.


  • A multi-hit combo of punches and kicks
  • Leaping into the air, he will crash back down with a powerful kick
  • After a short wind up, he pounds the ground, stunning ARKS around him and also creating shockwaves which circle around him

He will draw his sword after he loses a certain amount of health, and activates something akin to Fury Stance, after which he gains new attacks.

  • Immediately after transforming, he will shield himself and absorb damage, which then leads into his shield exploding after some time
  • A rapid series of slashes from his sword
  • Throws his sword as if it were a disk, causing it to travel around and deal its own damage while he continues to fight with his fists


Episode 1Edit

In Act II: Descent of the Destructor in Beginning of the End, Gettemhart awakens the power of Dark Falz Elder, who has been sealed on Naberius since his last battle with ARKS 40 years prior. While Gettemhart only seeks to challenge the entity as his only worthy opponent, he is unsuspectingly possessed by the powers of the Dark Falz and transforms into [Elder]. He decides to battle the player, Zeno, Echo, and Casra, powering up into Falz Hunar in order to do so.

Episode 2Edit

When the player travels back in time to Beginning of the End during Episode 2 for Act III: A Step Towards the Future, Falz Hunar once again faces the player. Now joined by Maria and Sara, they win the battle, but [Elder] still becomes aware of just where his true power is sealed: within the tower at the center of the Ruins. He smashes through and is still able to transform into Dark Falz Elder.

Episode 3Edit

During The Failed Masterpiece, once the player and Matoi have been consumed by Dark Falz Double, they come across [Elder] Doppelgangers and a Falz Hunar clone, implying that [Double] was able to consume and absorb [Elder]'s power during their encounter. He is much weaker than he was in previous battles or when he appears in the field, though this is likely to make the chapter more easily done by a lone player as opposed to actually being weaker.


Level Drops
01+  Ability icon Elder Soul
41+  Sword PSO2 icon Elder Pain (Sword broken)
 Unit Rear PSO2 icon Rear / Elder Aroa
 Unit Arm PSO2 icon Arm / Elder Blazo
 Unit Leg PSO2 icon Leg / Elder Piedes
61+  Wired lances PSO2 icon Heretic End
 Twin machine guns PSO2 icon Heretically
 Talis PSO2 icon Heretic Saw
66+  Katana PSO2 icon Yasha
76+  Twin daggers PSO2 icon Twin Reaping
 Dual Blade PSO2 icon Heretic Pair