Lyra is one possible evolution of a Mag.When the mag reaches level 30, if the mag has leveled Ranged the most, it will become a Fornax and will provide the player with a R-ATK bonus while equipped. Fornax attacks using Fire Bullet, which is a ranged attack that scaled with the player's R-ATK stat. Fornax also learn the Buff J trigger action. Finally, Fornax uses the Ajax Phantom Beast, which uses the Ajax-Proi Photon Blast.

Once Fornax reaches level 100, it can evolve again. Depending on Support Levels, Fornax can evolve into Cepheus, Tucana, or Caelum. This evolution would give the mag another trigger action, a different auto action and possibly change what Photon Blast it used.

Fornax evolves into Cepheus if Ranged is still heavily focused, exceeding Striking or Technique, even when either is supplemented by Dexterity. Fornax evolves into Tucana if Fornax's Striking level is higher than his Technique or if the Striking and Dexterity, combined, are higher than Ranged. Fornax will evolve into Caelum if Fornax's Technique level exceeds the Striking level or if Technique and Dexterity, combined, exceed Ranged.

Tier 1
Level 1

Tier 2
Level 30

Tier 3
Level 100


Mag (マグ)


Fornax (フォルナクス)


Cepheus (ケフェウス)


Tucana (ツカナ)


Caelum (カエルム)

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