This page is about the weapon called Handgun. For the weapon series, see: here.

A Green Gun
Item Type Weapon
Item Series Handguns
Classes All
First Appeared in PSO Episode 1

Handguns are a useful weapon in Phantasy Star Online. This is the default weapon for rangers, but can actually be worn by any class. It is a ranged weapon, but it requires sums of accuracy to be wielded. The Handgun is not very strong.

In-Game InformationEdit

Description: "A small gun that fires Photon bullets."

Base Stats:

  • ATP: Increased by 20
  • DFP: 0
  • MST: 0
  • ATA: Increased by 26
  • EVP: 0
  • LCK: 0

Required Stat: 68 Attack Accuracy (ATA)