File:In the Driving Rain.png
Prerequisite None
01 Forest
Enemy Level(s)
Normal 26-30
Hard 36-40
Very Hard 51-55

In the Driving Rain (雨風とともに) was a multiparty emergency quest in the forest area of Naberius, available during the Spring 2013 event.


There were two multiparty areas which ARKS operatives could freely explore, with all native enemies as well a few Darkers and others. Entering the third, single-party area will allow for ARKS operatives to battle Rockbear in Emergency Code: Duel.

Enemies presentEdit




  • Dagan (From Chrome Dragon)
  • Breeahda (From Chrome Dragon) </span>


The following enemies are very rare and, with the exception of the Rappy, only spawn during Emergency Codes or in Parallel Areas.

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