Kaladbolg id

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Item Type Weapon
Item Series Rare Sabers
Classes All
First Appeared in PSO Episode 1

Kaladbolg is a rare saber. It is very easy to find when you're yellowboze, and because it's a saber, anyone can wear it.

In-Game InformationEdit

Description: "A legendary sword long sought after by warriors. Its special attack freezes enemies."

Stat Raises:

  • ATP: Increases by 260-320
  • DFP: 0
  • MST: 0
  • ATA: Increases by 45
  • EVA: 0
  • LCK: 0

Special Attack: Freeze

Max Grinder: 25

Required Stat: 340 Attack Power (ATP)

Drop ChancesEdit

Section ID Location Difficulty Enemy Chance
Viridia: Caves Very Hard Guil Shark 1/427
Skyly: Control Center Hard Ul Gibbon 1/427
Spaceship Hard Savage Wolf 1/427
Temple Hard Rag Rappy 1/128
Ruins Hard La Dimenion 1/413
Mines Hard Sinow Beat 1/256
Caves Hard Pouifully Slime 1/465
Forest Hard Barbarous Wolf 1/285
Seabed Hard Sinow Zoa 1/427
Bluefull: Caves Very Hard Poison Lily 1/512
Yellowboze: Forest Hard Hildeblue 7/8
Control Center Hard Ill Gill 1/183
Control Center Very Hard Merillia 1/427
Caves Very Hard Migium 1/82

Otherwise, it can be found by any ID in boxes at nearly anywhere on episodes 1 and 2 on hard and very hard.