File:Naberius Marathon.png
Prerequisite Subdue De Malmoth
01 Forest
04 Tundra
Enemy Level(s)
Normal 20
Hard 35
Very Hard 46
Super Hard 61

Marathon Training: Naberius (走破演習:ナベリウス) is a single-party time attack quest in the forest and tundra areas of the planet, Naberius, which ends in a battle against the Snow Banther.


There are three areas which ARKS operatives must travel through; the first is the Forest, where they are tasked with pressing a series of switches then eliminating enemies to clear a path through. Upon reaching the Tundra, there are three different paths which can be taken, and, if done properly, it is possible to skip the battle against De Malmoth and head straight for the boss.

Enemies presentEdit

Related Client Order(s)Edit

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