File:Naberius II Marathon.png
Prerequisite Wolgahda Extermination
01 Forest04 Tundra07 Ruins
Enemy Level(s)
Normal 20
Hard 40
Very Hard 50
Super Hard 64

Marathon Training: Naberius Ⅱ (走破演習:ナベリウスⅡ) is a single-party time attack quest in the forest, tundra, and ruins areas of Planet Naberius, which ends in a battle against the Dark Ragne.


More of a boss rush, this one has players split up on a few occasions, before converging in the Ruins area to face Dark Ragne as a boss together. In the first area, ARKS operatives must defeat a series of Oodan, Gulf, Za Oodan, Fangulf, Aginis, and Garongo. Afterward, they must split up to face Rockbear (west), De Malmoth (north), Gwanahda (south), or Wolgahda (east) alone.

The third area, in the Tundra, is a series of battles against Gulfur and Fangulfur, as well as Malmoth and Yeti further in. At the northern area, the ARKS must split into two groups of only one or two; Fang Banshee and two King Yeti must be faced to the east, while Fang Banther and six Gulfur must be faced to the west. Upon convergence in the Ruins for the fifth area, the ARKS must clear out Krahda, El Ahda, Dahgacha, Dahgash, Kuklonahda, Cyclonehda, Dicahda, Predicahda, and Breeahda. Afterwards, they must proceed north into the sixth area and face off against Dark Ragne, accompanied by a few Aginis and Garongo.

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