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Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

No audio in-gameEdit

Q: Whenever I launched the game no sound can be heard. PSO2.exe does not show up in the "Volume Mixer" as well. Is there a fix to that?

A: It is probably the version of your DirectX. The game needs DirectX 9.0c which can be downloaded from the Microsoft website. If the problem still persists, you may try updating your drivers. Check your Volume Mixer and in-game audio options.

Black-and-White undetailed modelsEdit

Q: I'm seeing Black-and-White characters in-game! Almost all of them are of the same color! What should I do?

A: It could be due to your internet connection. The lag delays the rendering of other player characters which would cause them to have a "Black-and-White" character models. If your internet connection is stable, it could be the graphics settings. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Options 「オプション」 in-game
  2. Expand Graphics Settings 「描画設定」 and select Display Settings 「表示設定」
  3. Look for "Number of Detailed Models" 「詳細モデル表示数」
  4. Use the slider to increase the number of detailed models to be rendered
  5. Apply the changes

How to be a Fighter, Gunner or a Techer?Edit

Q: How do one become a Fighter, Gunner or a Techer?

A: The advanced classes requires a level 30 class and a license given by Koffie (or Cofy).

  • To be a Fighter Fighter, complete Orza's and Koffie's client requests after reaching level 30 with either Hunter Hunter or Braver Braver.
  • To be a Gunner Gunner, complete Lisa's and Koffie's client requests after reaching level 30 with either Ranger Ranger or Braver Braver.
  • To be a Techer Techer, complete Marlu's and Koffie's client requests after reaching level 30 with either Force Force or Braver Braver.

Evolving a MagEdit

Q: How does one evolve a Mag?

A: Mags will evolve on reaching level 30 and level 100.

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