Utterly Profound
Prerequisite Raging Dark Arms
53 ARKS Ship Wreckage
Enemy Level(s)
Normal 20
Hard 40
Very Hard 55
Super Hard 70
Extra Hard 80

Profound Darkness' Kin [Elder] (深遠なる闇の眷属[巨躯]) is a multiparty emergency quest in which ARKS are tasked with destroying Dark Falz Elder can be weakened and battled.

An upgraded version, titled Utterly Profound (深遠に至りし巨なる躯), was introduced as a means to have players face off against a stronger version of Dark Falz Elder, which was level 60 on Very Hard; it later replaced the original quest with the release of Super Hard.


Defeat Dark Falz Elder in a 12-person Emergency Code: Duel.

Enemies presentEdit


  • Prior to the advent of Super Hard, the quest was titled Profound Darkness' Kin [Elder]
    • This was changed when SEGA wanted to introduce a more difficult variant of the Emergency Quest to Very Hard, which featured a level 60 Dark Falz Elder, with Ice attribute PSO2 icon Ice and freeze effects added to his lasers and meteors
    • Later on, this special variant was adapted for Super Hard and above, while Utterly Profound wholly replaced the original quest

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