Raging Dark Arms
Prerequisite None
53 ARKS Ship Wreckage
Enemy Level(s)
Normal 20
Hard 40
Very Hard 60
Super Hard 70
Extra Hard 80

Raging Dark Arms (猛る黒曜の暴腕) is a multiparty emergency quest in which ARKS are tasked with whiping out the Falz Arms so that Dark Falz 【Elder】 can be weakened and battled.


"A fragment of Dark Falz 【Elder】 is approaching at astounding speeds.

It's showing sings of an attack power we've never seen before. All ARKS are to fight Dark Falz's arms in order to lower its fighting capability. This is a direct order!"

This is a multiparty Emergency Code: Duel against four Falz Arms, which all share a single health counter.

Enemies presentEdit

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