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Green Saber
Item Type Weapon
Item Series Sabers
Classes All
First Appeared in PSO Episode 1

The Saber is the earliest stage of the Saber-type weapons, and can be worn by any of the three classes. It is the weapon that the hunter starts out with, but it is quite weak, especially since it has no upgrades. It has a bright, green photon blade.

In-Game InformationEdit

Description: "A sword with a photon blade. Attacks 1 enemy."

Base Stats:

  • ATP: Increases by 55
  • DFP: 0
  • MST: 0
  • ATA: Increases by 30
  • EVP: 0
  • LCK: 0

Required Stat: 30 Attack Power (ATP)


  • A Saber is a weapon commonly used in fencing.