File:Forest Survey.png
Prerequisite Level 45 on any Class
01 Forest
Enemy Level(s)
Very Hard 56+
Super Hard 66+

Special Survey: Forest (特務先遣調査:森林) is a single-party advanced quest in the Forest area of Planet Naberius, which ends in a battle against either Rockbear or Fang Banshee and Fang Banther.


There are two areas which ARKS operatives can freely explore, with all local enemies present. Entering the third area will allow for ARKS to battle either Rockbear or Fang Banshee and Fang Banther in Emergency Code: Duel.

Enemies presentEdit



The following enemies are very rare and, with the exception of the Rappy, only spawn during Emergency Codes

Related Client Order(s)Edit

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