File:Subdue Fang Banther.png
Prerequisite None
01 Forest
Enemy Level(s)
Normal 18-20
Hard 38-40
Very Hard 53-55
Super Hard 68-70
Extra Hard 80

Subdue Fang Banther (ファングバンサー討伐) is a multiparty emergency quest in the forest area of Naberius.


There is one multiparty area which ARKS operatives can freely explore, with all native enemies and a few Darkers present. Entering the second. single-party area will allow for ARKS operatives to battle Fang Banshee and Fang Banther in Emergency Code: Duel.

Enemies presentEdit




The following enemies are very rare and, with the exception of the Rappy, only spawn during Emergency Codes

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