Techniques, often abbreviated techs, are the main source of combat for the force classes in Phantasy Star Online. They are simply spells that can be cast by any non-android player character, with some restrictions for non-forces. Their power is boosted through the use of rods, wands, canes, and even a few other rare weapons, which act as catalysts.

Techs come in many different elements, each with their own special powers. The techs grows larger and more powerful with each level in Phantasy Star Online.

In Phantasy Star Online, every technique can be learned through level 30 by forces, and through level 15 or 20 on certain techniques on non-force classes. Every few levels, each technique may grow bigger and significantly stronger.


  • Foie- A basic fireball that causes a single hit of damage
  • Gifoie- Creates a fireball that circles the user and deals damage to any enemies it strikes.
  • Rafoie- An explosion also causing damage to any enemies near the target


  • Barta- A piercing cluster of ice that travels in a straight line
  • Gibarta- A gust of icy wind is blasted in front of the user, dealing damage to any enemies hit
  • Rabarta- A circle of ice quickly travels outward from the user


  • Zonde- A bolt of lightning strikes the target
  • Gizonde- Creates a bolt that quickly travels from target to target
  • Razonde- An electric blast is sent out from the user


  • Grants- A burst of light with a long charge time that causes masssive damage
  • Megid- A piercing ball of darkness with a chance to instantly kill targets


  • Resta- Heals the caster, and any surrounding players at higher levels
  • Anti- Cures the status condition of the caster, and any surrounding players at higher levels
  • Shifta- Gives boosted attack power to the caster, and surrounding players at higher levels
  • Deband- Gives boosted defense power to the caster, and surrounding players at higher levels
  • Ryuker- Creates a Telepipe; disappears when the user returns to the field

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